Hello, I'm Alex

I make things and solve problems

I believe that design should be empathic, and curious. I don’t try to fit a solution to a project without pulling apart and understanding the root problem first. Once I do, I iterate, and strive for constant improvement. Nothing works the first time, and frankly I wouldn’t want it to. 

Let me show you what I can do.
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Selected Projects

Product Design & Branding


A hypothetical startup in Seattle wants to get young professionals out into the mountains and forests around the city. To help them build confidence and a sense of security, I designed a frictionless system of pre-packed trips around western Washington, branded to tap into a sense of escapism and wanderlust.

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Advertising, Mockups, & Illustration

BiC Outdoor Campaign

Prompted to showcase the creative potential of a BiC 4 color pen in a OOH ad campaign, We created a series of illustrations that come together to form an iconic Seattle vista. Commuters on I-5 can watch as the billboard transforms from a blank canvas to a finished landscape, as each stage of the illustration is layered one on top of the next.

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Branding & Layout

Dirty Dog Rebrand

Dirty Dog Hot Dogs was a small fleet of hotdog carts before the pandemic but has been forced to cut down to a single cart. Now, the owner/operator, Binyam, is ready to start again. For this client I created a brand identity that embraces urban, well-worn materials and embodies the late night fun of the Pike/Pine corridor where DDHD operates.

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Print Layout, Typography, & Branding

Make: Redesign

Make: Magazine is an existing publication that caters to the maker subculture, but it suffers from a lack of clarity and diversity. Its material is often hard to parse and laid out in overly dense, cluttered pages. I aimed to create a system that can frame and support the cornucopia of projects and personalities that make up the maker community. By making the magazine itself transparent and structured, the creativity and skill of the subjects becomes the focus.

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