I am a diligent designer, and ever-curious maker, who solves problems with an interdisciplinary mindset. I use my analytic skills to find root causes and ask questions and empathy and clear, concise communication, to find answers.

Case Studies

Make: Magazine

Bringing order to the chaos of creativity

Make Magazine is an existing publication that caters to the maker subculture, but its content rarely reflects the cornucopia of creativity that its community produces. With this project, I aimed to create a more diverse and inclusive publication that showcases the DIY spirit. By making the magazine itself very minimal, the craft and skill of the subjects can shine through.

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Product design to get you outdoors

A hypothetical startup in Seattle wants to get young professionals out into the mountains and forests around the city. To build confidence and trust I built a frictionless system of pre-packed trips around western Washington. To appeal to the young urbanite user base, I branded this system to tap into a sense of escapism and wanderlust.

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SCC Signage

Disentangling the halls of higher education

Seattle Central has a notoriously confusing campus. A labyrinthine layout, crowded halls and a multilayered system of signs spread out over 10 buildings and 100 years do the community a disservice. With this project I endeavoured to create a simple and scalable signage system. Come with me on a journey into the Kafkaesque realm of low budgets, inconsistent labels and the madness of doors.

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Illustrating the value of a pen

Prompted to showcase the creative potential of a BiC 4 color pen in a OOH ad campaign, I created a series of illustrations that come together to form an iconic Seattle vista. The billboard would show each illustration for a period of time, before having the next layered on top. Starting with an oversized pen, commuters on the I-5 could watch as the billboard transforms from a blank canvas to a finished landscape. 

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Dirty Dog Rebrand

Well worn branding

Dirty Dog Hot Dogs was a small fleet of hotdog carts before the pandemic but was forced to cut down to all but one cart. Now, Binyam, the owner/operator, is ready to start again. For this client I created a brand identity that embraces urban, well-worn materials and that embodies the late night fun of the neighborhood where DDHD operates, Cap Hill and built it out to be as scalable as possible for their eventual expansion.

Full Case Study

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